Central African Republic: Bozizé rejects government coup accusations

François Bozizé

Bozizé rejects government coup accusations in Central African Republic. In Central Africa, the campaign for the general elections of 27 December 2020 is in full swing. But in recent days, armed groups have been dictating their laws in several parts of the country. The security situation deteriorated sharply on Friday 18 December, just days before the so-called elections. Several towns in the west of the country have been attacked by members of various armed groups, according to the UN. Minusca has deployed significant reinforcements and says it is on “maximum alert” in other areas, including the capital.

For the Centrafricain government, it is the former head of state, Bozizé, who is said to be at the origin of these tensions, accusing him of trying a coup by the state. For his part, the former head of state, Bozizé, denied, via his spokesman, his involvement in the movements of armed groups observed in the country.

Government denounces coup attempt by Bozizé

On Saturday December 19, the spokesman of the Centrafricain government accused the former head of state, François Bozizé, of leading a coalition of armed men determined to march on Bangui to attempt a coup d’état. On the same day, Faustin Archange Touadéra held a meeting in the afternoon in the largest stadium in Bangui. Despite the ongoing crisis, he reaffirmed his determination to hold the election on 27 December.

In his speech, even if Faustin Archange Touadéra did not specifically mention the name of Bozizé, one senses that allusion was made to him. “Some people manipulate you by telling you to take up arms. To kill people, to plunder public and private property, to destroy everything to bring the country back. Whether they like it or not, on the 27th we will go to the elections. All we want is peace. He said.

At a time when many Bangui residents fear a repeat of the 2013 scenario, the president reassures. “Don’t be afraid. Your country’s military is fully mobilized. Alongside the Minusca, the Russian Federation and many other countries that support us, for example Rwanda. He said.

“You don’t build a country with weapons,” he said. A way of showing that we must not give in to panic when movements of armed men are observed on different axes.

Bozizé camp denies its involvement but warns

For his part, François Bozizé’s spokesman denied to RFI that he was the instigator of these armed men’s movements, as denounced on Saturday morning by the Minister of Communication, Ange-Maxime Kazagui.

“No, Bozizé is not in the bush but at home in Bossangoa.” Christian Guenebem, KNK’s deputy general secretary and party spokesman, said this. “To say that François Bozizé took refuge in the Ouham for his normal security?” he said. “Make the connection by accusing him of not. I would simply say that if in the minds of some of these armed groups he represents an alternative, it is not François Bozizé’s fault,” he added. “It may be the fault of those who did not offer a credible alternative,” he said.

These accusations aimed at discrediting Bozizé according to Christian Guenebem, spokesman of François Bozizé’s party. Bozizé is in no way involved.

He also recalled the outstretched hands, the messages of appeasement of the former head of state in various communiqués as well as his alliance with the candidate Anicet Georges Dologuélé. This, according to his spokesperson, is proof of his willingness to move forward in the legal frameworks. However, he also indicated that the tone can also go up.

“The risk in this case is that Bozizé will be pushed to the limit. A man who would be pushed into these last entrenchments we do not want it,” he said. “He said at his last press conference in Bangui following his assault at the sports stadium that he would not be attacked again,” he added. “I think it’s a clear enough message and that we all need to work towards peace-calming,” he said.

This denial did not reassure the Partners of the Central African Republic. This is why this Sunday evening, December 20th in a joint communiqué, the international partners of the Central African Republic gathered in the G5 + call on “Francis Bozizé” and the armed groups engaged in the ongoing offensive in the country to “lay down their arms”

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